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Lucky 13 Clover Snake Skin "Sheds"
Lucky 13 Clover Snake Skin "Sheds" are implemented in spells to jinx or as an ingredient in making Goofer Dust. Price is for one (1) 3 X 5 inch package of snake sheds pictured here. Please note: The legend, lore and usage of each product listed for sale at Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is More Info »
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Lucky 13 Clover Alligator Feet "Paw" Curio
Alligator feet "paws" are considered lucky in gambling charms and for games of chance when fashioned into a mojo bag for those to go to the casino. This zoological, like the more commonly known rabbit's foot, is listed in the the series of "lucky" items to carry or wear for gambling luck, and to 'keep More Info »
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