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White Porcelain Mini Candle Holder
White Porcelain Mini (4 inch) Candle Holder - $2.00 These small but durable white porcelain mini candle holders are perfect when you want to set up a small devotional service or a ritual in a small space.  Perfect for holding the finger-length 4 inch candles (any color) for prayer services to offerings for your spiritual More Info »
Price: $2.00
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Lucky 13 Clover Heavy Silver Plated Brass Candle Snuffer
Heavy weight silver plated brass candle snuffer - $7.00 Blowing out candles is not advised when doing candle magic as this indicates that you are finished with the candle spell. A wise conjurer such as yourself uses this silver-plated brass candle snuffer. The snuffer bell measures 2" long x 1-1/4" dia with a 7-1/4" handle. More Info »
Price: $7.00
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Black Skeleton Bandana Ancestors Altar Cloth

Get your skullduggery on!    Pay homage to the ancestors!   A host of frolicking skeletons add spirit to this homage to traditional designed symmetrical bandanas. This is the bandana you need for this Halloween, ride, or your next funeral! Hey!   Can cover your ancestors altar. Great conversation starter on Dia de Los Muertos! More Info »
Price: $5.00
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