Lucky 13 Clover | St. Expedite Rosary Set


Saint Expedite, also known in the South as “St. Expedee”, is a well loved New Orleans religious legend and a statue dedicated to him can be found in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Rampart Street to the immediate right of the glass doors as you enter the main chapel. This beloved saint, who is called on in times of dire trouble and when you need “things in a hurry” can be petitioned on Wednesdays with a red glass 7-day novena vigil candle, a glass of water and a small bunch of flowers. Once he hears your pleas and grants your wish, make sure to “pay” him by offering pound cake slices with a glass of red wine for him to enjoy!

This ruby glass rosary beads, with St. Expedite’s medal between each decade, has a red enameled crucifix and comes with a laminated prayer card and a bottle of Lucky Mojo St. Expedite Oil. Order your beautifully hand-crafted set from Lucky 13 Clover now!

St Expedite Rosary Set – $30.00

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