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Lucky Mojo Adam and Eve Oil


Adam and Eve Oil from Lucky Mojo is in a family of love related products that enhance the attraction power between two people. This oil can be used with Stay with Me Oil to keep your mate close once you have them close.

You may use Adam and Eve Oil on yourself when dressing for a date or to wear at work if you are interested in a co-worker. You may use these items at any time as it is not necessary to wait for the New Moon time for your candle spells.

Adam and Eve Oil can be used on a pink 7-day “Novena” Vigil candle in glass at the beginning of a candle spell for love to draw a perspective candidate in to evolve into the perfect man or woman for you.

Once you have their attention that you have considered them to be a good candidate for a love match, switch using the 7-day candle in glass to pink wax figures of a man and a woman to make them face each other, with a petition urging them to move closer together as One. You can then add Marriage Oil to make this union complete.

Lucky 13 Clover is a supplier of Lucky Mojo Adam and Eve Oil.

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