Lucky 13 Clover | History and Uses of Color Candles

    Traditional Colors of Candles and Their Intended Uses: Single Color Candles: BLACK CANDLES – normally used for discreet enemy work; to hex, curse, and cause “crossed conditions”. WHITE CANDLES – usually used for secret spiritual work; can stand in for any color ‘in a pinch’. PINK CANDLES – for secret affection and romance […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Theory of Pink Candle Uses

    Pink candles, or more specifically any color tint to a candle, is a concept that evolved in the candle making industry in the past century. Information is scarce, but most point to the 1950-1960 time frame, when most colors for candles were used for birthday candles once paraffin was used as the main […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Ways to Use Spiritual Oils to Attract , Protect, or Ward off Negativity

  Most anointing or condition oils produced today for candle ritual and magical use are blended to attract, protect, or ward of negativity for the intended user of said oil. Spiritual Oils crafted by Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply are infused with natural botanical essential oils and herbs and the plants have been traditionally held […]

Love Candle Kits from Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply

Lucky 13 Clover has designed beautiful Love Candle Kits especially with you in mind. More than just a one generic design, we offer five unique and distinct Love Candle label designs specially made for your personal choice. Here are the candle labels featured:     Love candle work is one of the oldest spiritual rituals performed […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Tarot Reading and Consultations by Jacqueline

One Hour Tarot Reading and Divination by Telephone – $45.00 This intuitive and insightful tarot card reading and divination will reveal the situation that is at hand for you and give you insight and remedies to consider to clear away the negative problems and enhance the positive blessings in store for you. This three-layer tarot […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Lucky Mojo Adam and Eve Oil

  Adam and Eve Oil from Lucky Mojo is in a family of love related products that enhance the attraction power between two people. This oil can be used with Stay with Me Oil to keep your mate close once you have them close. You may use Adam and Eve Oil on yourself when dressing […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Lucky 13 Clover Love Products

            Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply has developed a line of love candles that is more personal and brings the possibilities of a perfect union between a man and a woman together with their unique designs for their labels for candles, anointing oils, and sachet powders. We have searched classic […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Lucky Shredded U.S. Money

    Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply has shredded greenback dollar bills for you to use in all your magical money drawing spells. This small bag is enough to last a year and is authentic shredded money from the U.S Treasury that is destroyed by shredding old and faded greenback dollars in various denominations.  

Lucky 13 Clover | Pink St. Valentine Bring Me A New Love Candle

Lucky 13 Clover | Pink St. Valentine Bring Me A New Love Candle

Just in time For Valentine’s Day! Lucky 13 Clover Pink St. Valentine Bring Me a New Love Candle Saint Valentine, the Patron Saint of Lovers, now has a candle devoted solely to the wondrous works he does to bring together those who love. The vintage looking label with a full color image of Saint Valentine […]