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    Chicken feet are considered a curio for protection of your personal belongings, your car, home, or place…



Chicken feet are considered a curio for protection of your personal belongings, your car, home, or place of business. They are used as a protective charm for anything that belongs to you that you do not want stolen. Traditionally, receiving a chicken foot is a non-verbal means of communication by which a warning is sent to anyone considering stealing from you that if they do indeed steal then they will be magically jinxed, have a run of really bad luck, or”crossed up”

In some parts of the South, the chicken foot is used to place a curse on someone. Chicken Feet are usually used in pairs and placed in a “x” manner by crossing them and then fastening them in place with twine or leather.. The foot is used in retaliatory magic, which is when sometime was done to a person, then the “offender” will have a chicken foot placed where the can see it, or it is dropped off at their front porch or car, thereby sending the message that they now have been “magically” scratched and bad luck is on it’s way.  Consider the reaction of Toots Suite in the movie, ‘Angel Heart”. Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) finds Toots in a juke joint, and after the first confrontation where Toots tells Harry he doesn’t want anything to do with him, Harry follows Toots into the men’s bathroom. After a second brief conversation, Toots turns around and a black chicken foot is placed near the top of the urinal. This spooks Toots, who gets angry with Harry Angel and hastily exits the restroom. Later Toots is found dead, choked with his own appendage.

These plain chicken feet have been dried in Kosher salt, preserved and ready for you to paint, decorate or attach a conjure bag to with string.

NOTE: This item has not been ritually blessed in ceremony and is not considered a ritual item

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