Lucky 13 Clover Magnetic Sand, also known as Lodestone Powder or Steel Dust, are iron shavings and are used in attraction and luck work for love, money, success and gambling. Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply carries this mineral product to dress your lodestones and add to your magical mixtures to attract luck and money.

Uses for Lucky 13 Clover Magnetic Sand:

* Apply some of the Magnetic Sand on top of your lodestone each Friday to keep it working for you.

* Work Magnetic Sand into mojo bags and jackballs for you to carry to attract what you want from wherever you go.

* Sprinkle Magnetic sand on oiled or “dressed” candles and mixed into anointing oils of love and money drawing to boost their effectiveness.

Read more on the use of Magnetic Sane and Lodestones by clicking this link:


Please note: The legend, lore and usage of each product listed for sale at Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is listed on each page. Please visit our site and educate yourself in the products before ordering as we do not give free product consultations over the phone.



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