Lucky 13 Clover Marriage Oil

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Lucky 13 Clover Marriage Oil is used when you want to attract and desire your loved one to…

Lucky 13 Clover Marriage Oil is used when you want to attract and desire your loved one to offer a proposal of marriage or when you want to renew your love and vows in ceremony or in private to strengthen the bonds of matrimony and to cherish the memories of that blessed day. The scent of Sweet Orange blossoms, Lily of the Valley, and Cinnamon reminds you of the traditional booms carried on a woman’s wedding day.

The image of the label is one of absolute love and faithfulness as the man and woman kiss while standing on the cake tier, surrounded by a large red heart and roses that compliment the background.

Uses for Lucky 13 Clover Marriage Oil:

* Anoint a pink 7-day Novena vigil candle in glass with both of your photos under it with your faces turned toward each other as if in a kiss

* Dab a drop of this anointing oil on your throat when you are to meet and speak with your loved one

* Burn on a white tealight in the bedroom when the two of you are together to strengthen your sacred bonds

We use nut oils in our products, which may include almond, sunflower,  peach kernel, olive, and other nut oils, or a blend thereof, which may be of a concern for some who have allergies to such products. We do not use synthetic oils in our products.

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