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Mojo Moon brand Chinese Floor Wash is formulated in the traditional recipe of the South. It is intended to be used when you need to clear a room, home or space of Negativity, Protection, and to bring about a feeling of Peace and Harmony.

Made with the essences of the Asian plants and grasses that formulate Van Van, additional substances have been placed into the mixture to enhance the feeling of cleanliness. It’s delightful aroma lifts the senses and moods to all and will diffuse evil, smelly substances that may have been brought home by a family member or someone entering your place of business. Mojo Moon Chinese Wash is concentrated, so a tablespoon or two is all that is needed to clean up any mess.

Complete instructions are included in the accompanying hanging tag, remembering to toss the remaining liquid out into the drain or gutter in front of your house and rinsing it down liberally with water to “flush away all the evil intent, jealousy and envy.”

Mojo Moon brand Chinese Wash in two sizes: a 4 oz. crystal clear glass bottle (4-6 uses) with herbs and other hoodoo items seen floating in the mixture and a smaller, 1 oz. size (2-3 uses) for quick clean ups.

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