Lucky 13 Clover | Ways to Use Spiritual Oils to Attract , Protect, or Ward off Negativity


Most anointing or condition oils produced today for candle ritual and magical use are blended to attract, protect, or ward of negativity for the intended user of said oil. Spiritual Oils crafted by Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply are infused with natural botanical essential oils and herbs and the plants have been traditionally held in belief to have powerful and effective vibrations that will work for the user in the manner in which is desired. These oils can be used singularly or in combination with others; there is no tried and true “rule” to follow and you may use your spiritual inspiration to create combinations that will be useful for your particular situation.

Bottle of Lucky 13 Clover Attract Money Anointing Oil

Oils are generally divided into four categories – those that clear out negativity, those that protect, those that draw in, and those that curse. This article will cover spiritual oils that will be beneficial to the user and client.

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1.) Anointing a Candle to Burn to Draw to You – Drill three holes with a clean screwdriver in the top of the glass 7-day “Novena” vigil candle in a triangle – meaning one hole on top of the wick and one to the lower left and one to the lower right of the wick. Add three drops of oil in each hole while praying or meditating on your intent. In addition, dab a drop of oil in the same triangle pattern on your petition paper before folding it and placing it under your candle.

2.) Anointing your Body – To attract or draw goodness to you, after bathing, place three drops in one palm and clasp the second hand over the first, and pray or incant your intention. Using Crown of Glory and Success Oil is recommended for this. Rub hands together with three motions (to “heat” up the oil). Start with your temples and lightly sweep your hands down your body, swirling hands back and forth over the trunk and legs as you stroke downwards (never stroking upwards), finally ending with a swoosh off the tops of your feet. Dress as usual for the day. This same methodology can be used for Protection work as well.

3.) Anointing the Home – Some dab certain oils to the lintel, door frames, and doorknobs to attract beneficial blessings to the home and all who pass through this “portal to prosperity” so that the particular prayer or intention that is said while applying covers all who come into or leave through the door. this same ritual can be used for Protective work as well.

4.) Bath – Many blend a few drops into the warm water of their bath and swirl their hand counter-clockwise as a blessing or prayer is incanted to bless the person bathing. This can be used for all methods of spiritual work.

Bottle of Lucky 13 Clover Marriage Anointing Oil

5.) Sniffing or Inhaling Oils – Some will carry a bottle of certain beneficial and attraction oils to sniff through a busy day or to spend a few minutes in contemplation on their intended desires while sitting in a quiet area such as a church, doctor’s waiting room, the home, or a quiet office during lunchtime.

6.) Room Misting – Some will blend certain oils in a composition of spring water, florida water and the particular oil to create a spiritual water to mist a room or any area where positive vibrations, inspiration, or protection needs to be present.

7.) Laying on of Hands in Spiritual Work – Many spiritual workers will anoint their hands or the client to boost the efficaciousness of their work and prayers over the client. This is particularly effective when using Blessing or Clearing Oils to eradicate negativity, a curse or jinx, or to clear “crossed conditions”.

8.) Hand Wash or Foot Wash – In certain matters of a person who has walked over a “trick” or some “mess” that an enemy has lain in their tracks, a warm water foot bath of Epsom Salts, Florida Water, combined with a negativity-busting oil, can be effective for the client. Also, the same bath can be used for spiritual workers after working on a person, so that the evil intent does not transfer to them or the next client.

9.) Hand or Body Lotion – Certain oils can be blended with a non-scented hand or body cream as a thin “veil” of positive or protective influence for a person that will emit the scent of the oil throughout the day as it warms on the person’s skin. Especially effective when using Boss Fix oil when looking for a new position or a promotion or raise.

Bottle of Lucky 13 Clover Prosperity Anointing Oil

10.) Vehicles – Some with anoint their tires before a trip, or mix a banishing oil with Epsom salt, water and Florida Water to sprinkle around their vehicle where they park, so as to not step in any lain “tricks” or “messes” that will jinx them.

11.) Workplace – Some with anoint their cash registers, credit card machines, and telephones with money drawing-type oils like Lucky Money Oil or Prosperity Oil so that the telephones ring with orders and many sales are rung up that day. Some also make a water that they mop the floor, wipe down equipment, or sprinkle outside their doorway to attract customers.

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