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Lucky 13 Clover | Ways to Use Spiritual Oils to Attract , Protect, or Ward off Negativity

  Most anointing or condition oils produced today for candle ritual and magical use are blended to attract, protect, or ward of negativity for the intended user of said oil. Spiritual Oils crafted by Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply are infused with natural botanical essential oils and herbs and the plants have been traditionally held […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Tarot Reading and Consultations by Jacqueline

One Hour Tarot Reading and Divination by Telephone – $45.00 This intuitive and insightful tarot card reading and divination will reveal the situation that is at hand for you and give you insight and remedies to consider to clear away the negative problems and enhance the positive blessings in store for you. This three-layer tarot […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Silver Mercury Dimes for Hoodoo, Conjure

Silver Mercury Dime for Hoodoo

Silver dimes, minted between 1916 and 1945, have the image of Liberty wearing a winged cap. This image was thought to be Mercury, the Roman God of Communication, and the discovery of Liberty was too late before these dimes were called “Mercury Dimes”, thus the legend remains. In conjure and hoodoo, silver Mercury dimes are […]

Lucky 13 Clover | St. Expedite Ruby Glass Chaplet and Prayer Card

Saint Expedite Ruby Chaplet

  Saint Expedite, also known as San Expedito, is a well known and loved Saint of New Orleans and reputedly to be the Patron Saint of Procrastination and the one to petition when you need “luck in a hurry”. Legend says that he was shipped to the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on […]