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Lucky 13 Clover | History and Uses of Color Candles

    Traditional Colors of Candles and Their Intended Uses: Single Color Candles: BLACK CANDLES – normally used for discreet enemy work; to hex, curse, and cause “crossed conditions”. WHITE CANDLES – usually used for secret spiritual work; can stand in for any color ‘in a pinch’. PINK CANDLES – for secret affection and romance […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Theory of Pink Candle Uses

    Pink candles, or more specifically any color tint to a candle, is a concept that evolved in the candle making industry in the past century. Information is scarce, but most point to the 1950-1960 time frame, when most colors for candles were used for birthday candles once paraffin was used as the main […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Tarot Reading and Consultations by Jacqueline

One Hour Tarot Reading and Divination by Telephone – $45.00 This intuitive and insightful tarot card reading and divination will reveal the situation that is at hand for you and give you insight and remedies to consider to clear away the negative problems and enhance the positive blessings in store for you. This three-layer tarot […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Shipping in the United States and Worldwide

* SHIPPING ORDERS WITHIN UNITED STATES * * For any and all orders within the Continental United States, Lucky 13 Clover ships using Priority Mail with the United States Post Office. All orders can be tracked with Delivery Confirmation online and we do not ask for a signature of receipt.  The shipping is built right […]

Lucky 13 Clover | 9 Black Walnut Cut and Clear Spell Kit

Lucky 13 Clover English Walnuts for Spell

If you have suffered through a break up and it is truly over between you and him or her, it is time to do a 9 Black Walnut Cut and Clear Spell from Lucky 13 Clover to rid yourself of any lingering effects of the other persons essences and influence. This time honored Southern traditional […]

Lucky 13 Clover | St. Expedite Ruby Glass Chaplet and Prayer Card

Saint Expedite Ruby Chaplet

  Saint Expedite, also known as San Expedito, is a well known and loved Saint of New Orleans and reputedly to be the Patron Saint of Procrastination and the one to petition when you need “luck in a hurry”. Legend says that he was shipped to the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on […]

Lucky 13 Clover | “Lucky” Green Rice Money Drawing Floor Sweep

"Lucky" Green Rice Money Drawing Floor Sweep

Lucky 13 Clover “Lucky” Green Rice Money Drawing Floor Sweep is a traditional hoodoo and conjure staple user for attracting Good Luck for matters of money drawing into a home or business. This rice, tinted green and infused with herbs, actual shredded greenback dollars and other traditional Southern ingredients allegedly held to have money drawing […]

Lucky 13 Clover | “30 Days to Prosperity – A Candle Vigil Guide” by Rev. Jacqueline Mathers

Lucky 13 Clover is proud to announce “30 Days to Prosperity – A Candle Vigil Guide” by Rev. Sister Jacqueline Mathers in their selections of spiritual books. This spiritual book, based on a 30 day candle vigil performed twice a year by Rev. Jacqueline Mathers, gives you a day-by-day walk to using burning candles on […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Custom Made Mojo Bags

Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is proud to announce that they now can provide a service of custom made mojo bags for you and your particular situation. Your Lucky 13 Clover mojo bag creation service will begin with a 30 minute consultation, then creation of a mojo bag personal to you. Unlike other pre-packaged, store […]