Lucky 13 Clover | History and Uses of Color Candles



Traditional Colors of Candles and Their Intended Uses:

Single Color Candles:

BLACK CANDLES – normally used for discreet enemy work; to hex, curse, and cause “crossed conditions”.

WHITE CANDLES – usually used for secret spiritual work; can stand in for any color ‘in a pinch’.

PINK CANDLES – for secret affection and romance work; to make tender, heartfelt advancements in love.

RED CANDLES – mostly used for discreet love/sexual attraction work; can also be used to add power to another candle.

YELLOW CANDLES – a traditional color used for cleansing work; either for a person or a location. Also used for successful endeavors.

GREEN CANDLES – for quiet money work; used to attract prosperity and abundance from all sources.

ORANGE CANDLES – for sly change work; when you need a situation or a person to change for the better.

BROWN CANDLES – for discreet court case work: to diminish or eliminate all charges and legal actions.

BLUE CANDLES – for secret peace and serenity work; to lessen tension and arguments in the home, workplace.

PURPLE CANDLES – for discreet power work; to boost authority and prominence in a person or a situation.


Multi Color Candles:

7 COLOR CANDLES – for secret petitioning of the 7 African Powers to guide all aspects of your life.

GOLD & GREEN CANDLES – a discreet way to attract Success and Prosperity.

BLACK & RED CANDLES – “Black Over Red” is a traditional candle to for Reversible work, and to Reverse a situation.





Please note: The legend, lore and usage of each product listed for sale at Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is listed on each page. Please visit our site and educate yourself in the products before ordering as we do not give free product consultations over the phone.


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