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Lucky 13 Clover | History and Uses of Color Candles

    Traditional Colors of Candles and Their Intended Uses: Single Color Candles: BLACK CANDLES – normally used for discreet enemy work; to hex, curse, and cause “crossed conditions”. WHITE CANDLES – usually used for secret spiritual work; can stand in for any color ‘in a pinch’. PINK CANDLES – for secret affection and romance […]

Lucky 13 Clover | Theory of Pink Candle Uses

    Pink candles, or more specifically any color tint to a candle, is a concept that evolved in the candle making industry in the past century. Information is scarce, but most point to the 1950-1960 time frame, when most colors for candles were used for birthday candles once paraffin was used as the main […]

Love Candle Kits from Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply

Lucky 13 Clover has designed beautiful Love Candle Kits especially with you in mind. More than just a one generic design, we offer five unique and distinct Love Candle label designs specially made for your personal choice. Here are the candle labels featured:     Love candle work is one of the oldest spiritual rituals performed […]