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Pink candles, or more specifically any color tint to a candle, is a concept that evolved in the candle making industry in the past century. Information is scarce, but most point to the 1950-1960 time frame, when most colors for candles were used for birthday candles once paraffin was used as the main ingredient in candles made at that time.

The color pink is the result of a combination of red and white colorants, but since unadulterated paraffin contains a white with a bluish cast, it is more likely that red pigment or dye was added to the virgin paraffin in small amounts until the pink tone or hue was achieved.

The idea that pink is a combination of the fiery and powerful passion of red and the cool and calm wisdom of white is well known throughout traditional candle magic workers. You will hear from store owners and personal consultants that red is the color of love, but that can be held as truth for only certain parts of a loving relationship.

Imagine a red candle and a white candle as a couple – personify them, if you will – and consider watching a ‘relationship’ between them. The red candle, hot, fiery, passionate about everything – and angry – is the partner who “yells” and “stomps about” all the time. Everything this “partner” does is rapid, intensive, and you can really not know which way they will turn – left or right – angry or loving. The other “partner” – the white candle – is patient, calm, understanding, protective. They never “get their feathers ruffled” or “get in an uproar” (gotta love those old colloquialisms – and give much thought before acting on any issue. This partner “thinks things through” and decides what is best for the both. This would be the best description I can give about the energies of red candles and white candles.

Uses for pink candles in candle burning rituals:

* In the workplace and at home – Use pink candles for situations that require calming down and acceptance of an idea, concept, or proposal to work or in the family (a new hire at work/promotion/raise at the workplace)(trying new ways to do things/going to new places/experiences at home).

* In a relationship or marriage – Use when stress of life is interfering in romance or special times together is waning in a marriage or long-lasting relationship.

 * In many situations – Use when you have tough news or a difficult concept you need to propose to someone so that they will be in a calmer state of mind when hearing this information.

*In non-romantic situations – Use when you want to get on someone’s “better side” after being at odds with them or to ‘soften them up one you’ (non-romantically).

* In a potential love situation – Use when you just met someone new that you can consider a potential love interest without scaring them off by appearing to be too bold or “pushy”.

In addition, you may use a pink candle to ‘bolster and support’ another candle that you are using for your initial petition. For example, if you burn a red candle because you anticipate a “hot time” in the bedroom with your lover, you might consider burning a pink candle next to it to “bring in” the loving feelings after lovemaking.  Your red love candle that is anointed with anointing oils or essential oils that are volatile in nature or considered “hot”, and therefore useful in passion, sexual, and lovemaking instances. By using an anointed pink candle (with rose, lily-of-the-valley, cinnamon, or orange blossom oils) next to the red candle, to aid and assist in warm conversation and promises of future meetings as this relationship blossoms.

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