Lucky 13 Clover | St. Expedite Ruby Glass Chaplet and Prayer Card


Saint Expedite, also known as San Expedito, is a well known and loved Saint of New Orleans and reputedly to be the Patron Saint of Procrastination and the one to petition when you need “luck in a hurry”. Legend says that he was shipped to the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Rampart Street when it was being constructed, yet no one ordered the statue. It arrives with other statuary and had the words “Expedito” on the outside of the crate, thus his name. He is not recognized by the Roman Catholic church, but speak to anyone in NOLA and they will tell you a tale or two of Saint “Expedee”, as he is so lovingly called. The church still stands and the statue is inside the front doors to the immediate right, tucked in a nook in the wall.

Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is pleased to announce their line of devotional products for Saint Expedite. This custom made chaplet, made exclusively for Lucky 13 Clover.This chaplet has 10 ruby glass beads with which you can count your prayer recitations on and is attached to a finely crafted pewter crucifix and medal to St. Expedite. Our chaplet is accompanied by a laminated prayer card like the one featured above, so that you may use it to pray for immediate change in your luck or finances. It is believed that one should place a glass of cool water and a red candle before his image on Wednesdays, and once your prayer petition has been granted, to offer him pound cake and red wine, for to not do so would take your blessing away. You can use your heavy laminated, full color prayer card as the image in front of the candle lights you set for him.

Order your Saint Expedite Ruby Chaplet and Laminated Prayer Card Set – only $15.00!( plus S&H, CA tax)

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