“Hoodoo Bible Magic-Sacred Secrets of Scriptural Sorcery” by Miss Michaele and Prof. Charles Porterfield – $9.00

Practical, honest, and straightforward, this book teaches the history and unlocks the mystery of Christian Conjuration with the Holy Scriptures. Learn ancient traditional spells of Psalmic Magic from forgotten books of Jewish wisdom preserved by African American elders, open the Bible’s treasure-house of Secret Charms and Sacred Amulets, and prepare yourself for revelations and wonders. The Bible is a magic book! THIS book tells you just how to use it!

Some of the subjects covered in this book:

*   Is Magic Incompatible with the Bible?

* The Conjure Doctor as Church Leader

* Selected Scriptures for Magical Use

*  A Practical Guide to Prayer: How Shall We Pray?

Questions the Whole World Has Asked Are Now Answered!

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