Lucky 13 Clover | C'mere Lover Man Oil

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“Baby, Oohh baby! My sweet baby, You’re the one” – Mickey and Sylvia Lucky 13 Clover C’mere Lover…

“Baby, Oohh baby! My sweet baby, You’re the one” – Mickey and Sylvia

Lucky 13 Clover C’mere Lover Man Oil is used when you want to get the attention of a shy, reluctant, or unsure gentleman so he will understand exactly that a lovely female is desiring his advances and attention. Anointing a pink candle (for a soft approach) or a red candle (for a no-nonsense direct message) is suggested with the name of your “target” under the candle.

Uses for Lucky 13 Clover C’mere Lover Man Oil:

* When he get ‘crossed signals’ and cannot understand that you are definitely interested in him

* When your intended gentleman is hesitant to move forward into beginning a relationship with you

* To boost the effects of other love anointing oils to “drive home” the message of desirability.

To fashion a petition for your intended target, please read this article: http://www.free-candle-spells.com/2011/06/22/readers-question-how-to-create-a-honey-jar-petition/

We use nut oils in our products, which may include almond, sunflower, peach kernel, olive, and other nut oils, or a blend thereof, which may be of a concern for some who have allergies to such products. We do not use synthetic items in our products.

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