Lucky 13 Clover St. Expedite House and Home Protection Candle Kit  $13.00

The Lucky 13 Clover St. Expedite House and Home Protection Candle Kit is used to aid and assist in all matters concerning your property, home, and dwelling. Saint Expedite is a cultural favorite of all of those who practice candle services to the saints in New Orleans, will aid in delivering quick assistance in your needs for shelter for your family and loved ones. Traditional hoodoo, conjure, and “just plain folks” his image on an altar and offering him a red candle and some flowers will incite him to act on your behalf. Remembering to give him a slice of pound cake and some red wine once the “job” has been done is a traditional way to “pay back the Saint”.

Uses for Lucky 13 Clover St. Expedite House and Home Protection Candle:

*  Use when you are behind on the mortgage or rent payment to keep your home safe until you make payment

*  Burn a candle to maintain a steady protective “wall” around your home while you are away

*  Burn to aid and assist that you will keep your home

The Lucky 13 Clover St. Expedite House and Home Protection Candle Kit comes with the candle, along with a vial of anointing oil, and complete instructions to assemble and maintain a candle vigil altar to St. Expedite, Patron saint of Procrastination.

The Lucky 13 Clover St. Expedite House and Home Protection Candle is sold in a kit only.


Burn candle within sight, never leaving candle unattended or near anything that would catch fire. Keep away from drafts. Place on a stable, heat-resistant surface. Do not touch or move candle while burning or when it is hot to the touch. Keep wick centered in glass and trimmed to within 1/4 inch of wax to prevent excessive flame or smoke. Do not let wick trimmings or other debris drop into wax.

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