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  Saint Jude Chaplet and laminated Prayer Card – $9.00 A Chaplet is an additional series of beads…

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Saint Jude Chaplet and laminated Prayer Card – $9.00

A Chaplet is an additional series of beads on a smaller chain or string that can be incorporated into your Rosary devotional or used on their own. Some who are not familiar with the Catholic Rosary, can be confused between the two items.A Rosary has five groups of ten Hail Mary beads separated by one Our Father bead, with five additional beads by the crucifix. A Chaplet has any other combination of beads that is used to pray for a particular intention. These Chaplets can be used on their own or within a time that it is used in combination with the Rosary. It is to each person’s discretion on their use.

The Chaplet of St. Jude is used for those who need strength with desperate cases and lost causes. St. Jude is the Saint to go to when all else fails.

Consider Novenas to St. Jude during these situations:

* Desperate situations that dire emergency and unfortunate events seemingly will occur without Divine intervention..

* For those who have tried everything and nothing seems to work.

* For those who feel that they “just can’t go on” and need spiritual strength to continue their life.

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